Using Graphic Design in Self Storage Construction

Creating a visually appealing self storage facility is very important in today's competitive market. The early design process is a critical time in creating your elevation's appearance. Using a graphic design specialist can help bring your architectural drawings to life and allows you to pick the best elevation, materials, and colors for your self storage facility.

We started from scratch when designing our office at our new facility in Delaware, OH. We had previously built two offices with the same tower look at other facilities, (as seen pictured to the left) but we wanted to try something different in Delaware, yet still make it attractive and appealing. We spent many hours looking through the ISS and SSA magazines, as well as the Internet, for building design inspirations.

After we came up with the basic design of the office, we wanted a way to be able to see what the finished product would look like with our chosen building materials. Also, we had no idea what colors we wanted to use and what they would look like, together. We decided to contact Shaun Hamm to create 3D images of the self storage buildings for us. He was able to provide us with several different images and colors to help us decide on the best color and materials combination. These images allowed us to be able to visually see what the office would look like and test out several different color patterns to pick the right option for the site.

This is where we tested out some blues, browns and dark grays.

Here, we tested out some blues, browns and dark grays.

We decided that we liked a wood look for the area above the silver over-hang. We then played around with several colors to see which walls should be stone and what colors each of the walls and trim should be.

This is the color scheme we chose. With the office now finally complete, it's amazing how much the actual storage office looks like the 3D design. We will never build another storage facility without using 3D design.

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