The weather is getting cold and the snow has come. Since 7 of our storage facilities are in Ohio and Michigan, I figured now is a good time to address the “snow” questions.

Snow plowing and shoveling

It is our top priority in the winter months to make our facilities accessible and safe for all of our customers. However, if there is a lot of snow, it will take a few hours to clear each facility. Remember, these are large facilities and to plow a large amount of snow is very time consuming.

Where do we plow?

We plow one path down the center of each aisle. We are not able to plow right up to the unit doors because of the risk of damaging the doors. It is recommended that if you need to get into your unit during a winter storm that you bring a shovel with you.

How are locks in the cold weather?

When it is below freezing the locks tend to freeze as well. We recommend bringing de-icer with you or some WD 40 to help you open your lock.

Should I come to my storage unit?

When there is inclement weather, we always recommend that you stay home and do not come to your storage unit. Please use your best judgment and wait until the weather gets nicer or the snow and ice have melted.


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